Business Development Manager (BDM)

The Company 

We are a Business and Technology consulting company based in the US and UK. We started in the UK in 2009 but became a small start-up in the US in 2020.


 Job Title – Business development manager

 Salary and Remuneration: – You will be a Contractor 1099, and based on our prudent financial projections, you may earn an average of $60,000 to $100,000 per year, work part-time, and have flexible hours through you own company as an individual. The position is very flexible you manage your own time and income.

 Reporting to:- You will be expected to report to our Business Development Director, who manages all BDM across the United States


You will build your own clientele and offer sales and advisory services on our business and technology products, Microsoft Business Plans, Search Engine Marketing and more.



You will be offered regular training on the services we offer.



We may also offer you to become a Microsoft-certified data Analyst and AI as part of our national project (APBMA Microsoft Data and AI Scheme for US States’ Innovation . This development opportunity is optional you don’t have to participate

The project will show US residents and how we can also stay ahead of competition in Data & AI competition and development Globally.

 This position is an opportunity for someone who is enthusiastic about technology sales and how you can build a recurring income monthly. It’s also good for people who plan to set up their own business and become a technology partner with us in the future.


Application process

Step 1

We will review your resume and shortlist you for a Group interview

Step 2

After the Group interview we will send you additional information on how we work, how you would achieve the sales target , and the support we provide.

Step 3

You will be scheduled for one-to-one